Is there really a Ban Appeal?

for Pixel Worlds Game Discord Server?

Yeah, ask Aldople for an invite to Clash & Harmony server so you can dm him, although I think he’s on a vacation

I did that before. I recieved nothing tho :confused:

the ONLY discord mod is on vacation?

euh :skull:

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Yeah bro, Fake Celics :skull:

Bro??? how did know i fake?? :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: I just scamd and haced Celics’ acount and yu foun out!!

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No copying my grammar!

Well I played him in card battle last night so if he can do that he can also be online for discord.

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maybe he doesn’t have his triple monitors, gamer chair and neko body pillow to be able to moderate the discord server but has his phone to play the game


Gaming chair :sunglasses:

Penguin likes fish

Wdym bro we all know discord moderators need seven monitors to moderate a discord server.

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They need a duel PC setup, one for discord and one for gaming. :sunglasses:

you forgot the fact they need RTX 3090 graphics cards

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