Is there tips finding decay locks

what the tips?
cause i want to find decay locks
i found 2 farm worlds (without lock)
i rlly need that achivement

Buy a lot of Small Locks, use a subject alt, place all those small locks, and wait. That’s how I get my world hunter achievement.

hmm k
imma try it lol
but you know it takes over 3 months :confused:

Well, unless you’re really patient and desperate for those stars, it’s worth it ig.

if your looking for items, put farm/world/shop at the end of a world name. If you want to scam a scammer put drop followed by a number.

yes i found 2 farm
but there no decay lock :confused: lol
the farm unlocked

u need to break 100 decayed locks to finish achievement, its only abit more than 2 wls.
but i recommend you watch videos for tips how to world hunt because i once tried it, and made 120 wls in 3 days.

If you’re aiming on getting WLs, then follow Fazeus’s tips. Otherwise, breaking 100 locks by yourself is really hard, unless you somehow got lucky and found a person’s world who has been doing the same thing as I suggested.