Is this a hack or something?

This dude went behind him multiple times and he didn’t take any damage. He was also typing and chillin behind him. And he flew around weirdly.

ok thats hacking, you should report him, because its impossible to get through under the boss, you will take damage

He also was inside the boss like when the boss was still on the ground.

does he took damage?
if no then = hacks

yeah he didn’t take damage. Here is another.


Did the other guy noticed that?

If yes, then hes def hacking, if not, idk maybe glitch

his account was like a few days old. And he had 0 armor and he just stood still and then when we cleared a level he flew to the next level.

might be hacking i think, have u report?

if you go on the left or right side and turn of your wifi, you’ll not take damage, you can turn in on in up to 30 seconds and keep playing without getting disconnected.

but the first guy was writing messages and he was also hitting the boss. They both were low level new players.

then it is definetly a hack

I also saw a guy like that but I hesitated and thus didn’t report him because I was suspicious (sus) of whether it was a new bug and didn’t even bother asking that guy welp…

With 1 program developer alone, this will become more and more common.

Exploits and Cheats evolve more and more as time passes, we need more than 2 programmers up-to-date the anti-cheat more frequently

Whaaaaat? Fr? I usually get disconnected if wifi s out…