Is this a typo or made like that on purpose?

So I’ve been looking around my items and noticed something a little incorrect:
imgur(dot)com/a/p1xP2Me (screenshot)
You can see that the description says “bowling” while the name still states “bowing” (No lowercase “L” in the name).
Was it like that on purpose?

Sorry, the site wouldnt let me post it because of the link so i had to make it like that.

This is the image he wanted to post.

i think just some typo from the item lol, prob gonna be fixed soon

Got any other good jokes…

Does anyone actually work on the game right now ??

If so what exactly are they doing …?

Seems like it’s been left to its own devices


for people who are confused

siskea said she’ll be gone all november, but no one knows about the other devs

There’s already a photo tho

Two photos = better.