Is this game..dead?

Heya, You may not know me i do not know you, But its been a long time, Really long, I’ve been playing this game for years and was curious as to what happened, I Was grinding for SO long on this game and even spend money on the golden m4

What has happened to the game? Why did the econemy suddenly “crashed”?
I left the game for a long time so i may be living under a rock, I left the game after jake has quitted and it stopped getting updates, and commander_k supposedly leaving

I Do not know what to do in this game anymore but yet i visit it because of nostalgia, Kinda will miss it but does anyone have any idea of whats happening in the background?

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Commander, Jake, Siskea (used to be sales manager, I guess), EndlesS and most other old devs left (if not all)

The whole old dev team left, so now we only have one programmer on the team and that’s not enough to catch every cheat on time, so players started exploiting the game by duping items etc.

The devs leaving is also the reason we aren’t getting any new updates, with such a small team it’s hard to make consistent updates

What do you mean? In my mind the price of items has risen so much compared to the past … quite frankly it’s crazy .

I grant you prices have recently taken a step back from unobtanium to darn right ridiculous…but compared to even a year ago they are on a different level

As for devs there are two afaik plus according to lokalapsi a new designer…

Will it ever be the same ? I doubt it, koukuri would need to actually care about the game or better still sell up so they can go off and be miserable somewhere else!

also many old players are young adults now and their perspective is defo different.

The game has tons to offer new entrants, as for hardened ‘old timers’? :thinking: - unless they stop looking for the next new thing then no .

For the record i enjoy the game - imo too many of the original players are just sitting on big assets multiple worlds/items/etc and make no effort to sell or trade, or even play!

How do you know they don’t care about the game? Sure the communication could be better and all that, but I’d say it’s not totally the current devs fault things ended up like this. Literarily the whole old team left at the same time with no backup plan for the game.

And do you think one programmer is enough to catch every single cheat just like that, while also trying to work on new updates at the same time?

No I don’t think it’s enough, and I agree with you

Doesn’t change the fact that there is little or no communication,

Not employing enough is squarely on Koukuri… let’s hope it’s changed, the next few months will show that.

Running a large game without updating any social media - it’s 2023 not 1993!

its just a downwards spiral for Kukouri

No new updates = less revenue = no money to hire devs = no new updates

not to say that they are doing everything they can.

Yes i know this will be a dumb question but I started playing this game like 94 days ago. But after 30-40 days some of my friends say this game is dead after searching i see “Is this game dead” post in steam too should i contune?? Idk what to do :c

Well the game is in a pretty bad state at the moment, but atleast I’m still somewhat hopefull for the games future. They have everything they need in the team to make new updates atleast every now and then. But currently they are having some issues with unity and the google play store, I just hope they can resolve that soon

I mean why not? If you find yourself enjoying the game still, it’s absolutely great if you’d stay!


A late reply but what he said

If you are new there is so much content it will take you a long time to try it all! See what you like

I don’t mine , nor play cards. But I do everything else


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Well, By this i meant that the econemy suddenly went too expensive, almost everything became expensive, well not for limited edition items like the green paintball gun etc.

But the fact that theres just nothing to do in the game and i kinda feel sad, No one to talk to in that game, no one to play with, and no goals, I had a goal of buying an entire golden set but then cancelled that idea due to demotivation, I Actually do not know what to do anymore because of this, With no new update or something that gives hype, it feels just, demotivating

Dude go with gold .

It would be cool and it’s also a tough group to get them all…

If you had friends who no longer play try and drag them back…

My bro has brought back a lot of old players …

I think there were 8 people signed in at our home last night… Two of them hadn’t played for a long time … i didnt even know they had accounts

Problem is i can’t

Its not easy nor possible, Most of the parts of the suit is so expensive

All my friends have quitted sadly…
Most of them were also irl friends and stuff

I’d say it’s inflation at this point. I calculated and it’s 400%

It’s not a dead game, unless the mods/devs don’t make it one, I recently saw one video on pw updates and it seemed to me that Loka has been doing her work, since ionas and serxan got demoted (two useless mods) and ekipali got banned and his world got confiscated, so seems to me like a W.


Maybe You are right