Is this real

soo uhh when i was at my farm world i decided to take my nether outfit and take the wayd across NETHERWORLD with a red scroll which would success and which i did and when i was in that world there would be a guy with the black hood and the girl avatar waiting for me to join and when i was looking around i was suprised, what would there be is the exit gate upwards the portal, also when we won i resetted via exit portal to get out lol

sorry what

So you’re asking if the exit door is supposed to spawn at the top of the spawn?

If so, that’s a yes and no at the same time, let me explain.
Normally the netherworld world generation make it so the exit is far away from the spawn most of the time but in rare cases, it can be next to the spawn, same goes for the nether vendor if you are wondering.

I’ve seen this only and i think this comes from the world generation being randomly and not being a chance