Is true that bt price this year 1500?


…? Simply no. Why would you ever think this?


Eh, I doubt it considering you mostly get prizes that are worth way less than that. But I could be wrong I’m not very “in the loop” anymore, I’d say only trust word from the developers not rumors or things said by your friends or other players.

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they said blackwight told them

Us mods are just players too. We know nothing about updates before they happen. I’m not sure where blackwight got the information, maybe a stream or something. But if it didn’t come directly from Jake or another admin I wouldn’t trust it (no offense to him).

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This information was gotten from Endless’s QnA session in Instagram.


No, I think desti meant that desti’s friends said blackwight told him, not blackwight directly, chances are desti’s friend was lying about blackwight telling him.

Yes that what i mean