IsBuge Or Delete Items

Hi Admin OR Mod I can Asking question ?
My Account Banned for 30 Day Becuse For I Breaking Rule game ( i dont Breaking Rule game I Dont scam players or I dont playing Droping games me Dont Use scam Trade for players and Me dont saying anytings ) and I missing Items My epic Pickaxe is In The Hands.
I asking My items is delete or Bug Or Inside my Bags ?

U mean ur holding your axe but it isnt in your inventory?

I Dont Know My Account Now is Banned My Epic PickAxe is not Here ! So where is My Epic Pickaxe ???
i banned ( 28/March/2023)

So for now, you cant enter any worlds?

Yes I cant join to world

Wait until u get unbanned, then try to check your inventory, it might be just a bug

i must waiting 26 Day

Yep probably all you can do for now is wait

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Was your pickaxe perhaps hacked? There is this somewhat common hack where pickaxes have an insane amount of durability

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I Dont Know Is Not My Hands Maybe inside my inventory I Pick him Screen Shot

You would probably get answer once you are already unbanned

i know me only reply Wispp Tuppi2

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You may just have bought a pickaxe with infinite durabilitii, and they simplii removed it.

I missing Items (Epic Pickaxe + 120K Byte coin ) i So Sorry leaveing Sarver Pixel World bull shi t because Sarver Dont Have Anti Cheat And Us How Much Trying Mod Come Can Remove items + Byte coin in inventory So Sarver Is WC
See Ya

we cant remove items from your inventory lol

So you cant remove items from my inventroy so where is my Epic pickaxe ?

People have already explained this. LOOK AT DEVZ EXPLANATION, it got removed from the game because it was hacked.

Then you should take a look at my recently created thread, because according to popular rumours, it is possible. Maybe not moderators exactly, but definitely admins!

That stuff is gone, it’s got sacrifed by the pixel gods you must not accept your faith my son.