It is hard to help new players in pw

It is hard to help new players. Why? Because you do not know if that person is a really new player or an alt account. I know there are clues that Jake has given before on how you can tell a new player, and someone who is not really a new player. But that not-new player can just pretend and not say anything that are the clues.

I always wanted to help new players (I actually had a group in-game back at 2019 that helps new players but I shut it down for undisclosed reasons) but I just cannot rn.

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I used to have a group called MENTORS way back in the day. I eventually got too busy for it, but the point of the group was to help new players with knowledge rather than items. I think that’s the best way you can help a new player.

Now in days though, the tutorial really breaks it down for them and they get a newbie lock to prevent them from getting trolled and griefed before they even get a chance to experience and learn the game mechanics.

But yeah, I’d say if you’re trying to help new players and you have the time, try to teach them things or give them advice rather than give them items or currency.


To be fair, there are already a ton of tutorials and such inside the game that explain everything in detail, so helping new players doesn’t seem very productive (or fun) in my opinion.


thats why i['m doing this, rt full mining set with new pepes


That’s awesome dude!


going well


Well, what I mean by helping new players, is by helping them profit and stuff. And MAYBE I will give them one or two items. But I would just be giving items to a pro if it was just an alt

So… one day a new player came up to me and said teach how to profit and I told him all about pixelmines and fishing, loads of things. After a few days, he asks me can he try my items, he starts begging for me to give him stuff and I just unfriend him. One day later I’m in trade and he comes up to me with an sjp and that is how I know he was an alt account no way he earns 100wls in a day from only having 5.

2 hours of my life I will never get back

Another time I helped a noob a lot but then he never logged in again.


I’ve helped some players to start this game, i found one while fishing in NEO, i talked about lot features in game and such, though she has been offline for a long time for now, probably lost interest…

I don’t really help new players because MOST of them just stay with you in hopes that you give them free stuff.


Can relate, found a Og as heck beta player called honor (1700 days?) a few months ago, he was level 1 and had few items from the old boosters

I helped him make his world, donated him some wl for it, and he never came back :man_shrugging:


Here’s something that’s true and based on what I experienced EVERYTIME when I see new player.

They greet me hi, and say donate plzzzz, later I checked their account, if it’s new I usually just ignore but when it’s lv 15, I usually donate. Now here comes the fun part, 90/100% people just accept the donation, then stay quiet for a few sec, and say more plssss. Like srsly? Donate isn’t what we suppose and not what we MUST do, we donated because we want to help, and you get what you get. Not asking for more and not asking for some particular item. 90/100 asked for more, and 10/100 leave the world without saying a simple thanks. Btw I also meet some player, some not all. Those some player asked for more and when I say sorry, no more. They show me middle finger emoji, and sometime even cursed at me

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Why help them when you can bully them? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Idk about helping new players since it’s kind of useless, they can just learn from their experience, but maybe an advice can work, but donating is one of the worst ways to help, it basically makes the person think they can get another donation and it makes them value the item less since it’s not earned from their hard work

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And that’s why I tell noobs to go to auto portal Worlds like both when they ask to be donated :slightly_smiling_face:

These finally need to be illegal or “ignore auto portals” needs to be a public setting.

How is it fair for admins to be safe from softlocks, yet normal users get softlocked?

When people tell you valid reasons why this cannot happen you simply ignore us.

Tbh it’s not that big of a deal, these troll worlds only waste like 10 seconds of your life

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You’re still being softlocked while the admins are safe.


It’s so unfair that jake get unlimited item and ban everybody :sob::sob::cry::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::fearful::cold_sweat::sob::sob::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:

I want to be jake omg and get drac cape omg I be admin.

That is the exact same as what your saying we don’t get the same abilities as admins.

This is a softlock, and avoiding softlocks should NOT be a thing exclusive to admins.

I’m OK with godmode and item granting being exclusive, but this is literally unfair.