It Was A Good One

Hello Dear Pixellians,
Remember when our once beloved game was still fun and managed?
I wouldn’t say its flawlessly managed or on specialized supervision, but one thing for sure It was managed.
They made some regrettable decisions and blunders, but don’t we all do?
They made some questionable moves and unnecessary updates, but at the end they figured it out.
Back then there is someone, a child who really love growtopia. In hopes of achieving a buy world, He grinds 4 hours a day breaking chandeliers and fish tanks. One day He got scammed by a close friend of His and His heart for Growtopia fell and broken.
At this day, He still is rich but He doesn’t like growtopia again as much as he did before.
One day, His favorite youtuber Teryjaki played pixelworld.
He showed the kid how to fish in there. He had a blast, but a backlash from the growtopia community. So He stopped uploading pixelworlds video after some time. It doesn’t bother the kid though.
As what He wants is just fun. He loved the game and changed his name into Fising. What brought the kid into the game. He would spend days inside home using his Fiberglass (basic). Eventually , upgrading to Bamboo (fine). He would sell gems and buy baits. Created a world named Ojungle His first world. After couple of days, He got a diamond ring and sold it for four world locks. He keep getting the best and the best. Luck was on his side.
The game thought Him English. Crappy English but that is His base. A base for more advanced English.
He became stronger, better and smarter. But at the end, he decided to gave it all away.
He returned to start playing again, only to see the game near the end.

It was a good one, thank you pixelworlds.
Past hardworking moderators and fellow friends.


I had a similar situation, since it was for communication/trading in this game that I began to learn English, which in the future helped me master it at a better level than “me buy thing, you give me thing, me give moni” It’s a pity, of course, that I lost my old account, but when I returned, I became more or less an average/professional, however, sooner or later everything gets boring. I played 100 hours on Steam, well… Game after that was not fun at all. At a minimum, the awareness that a once great, interesting and thriving game has fallen so low, lost its activity, moderation and was abandoned by its own creators. I’m not upset, I’m not dissapointed, I’m just sorry that the game of my childhood and in general a game with such huge potential and functionality was killed and now it is filled with hackers, and the economy suffers from dupes and sudden inflation
Redacted: used translator to write it, so expect some mistakes in picking the words