It was fun while it lasted

Haha enjoy horrible made meme.


In all seriousness, the forum is a wasteland now.


Its partly my fault xD


It is very acceptable that I have regular and you don’t >:D.

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I guess Dev forgot to remove the regular of one person

Dev didn’t remove the ranks manually, he just set the requirements higher and because it’s possible to lose Regular rank if you are below the requirements, people lost their ranks until they met the new requirements set by Dev.

It seems like uhm :scream:nobody does

ez epic pro gamer dub.

Forums aren’t really a chill or a nice place anymore indeed, although there’s still few who actually make cool posts/threads that are not about drama or a random rant.

I would’ve never thought that at the time when these posts were made I’d remember these days as good ol’ days.


This truly is beautiful

Agreed. The forums have certainly turned into wasteland lately. I miss the good ol’ days, when posts were actually funny and worthwhile to read. I remember when forums used to be active, and everyone was chill (well, some of them, I guess…) and when you could interact with the old devs, contrary to how it is now.

In any case, the forums these days are simply being bogged down by topics that have little to do with anything. Now, it’s nothing more than a hellhole full of trolls and new members joining to either rant about PW, trying to apply for a mod position or appeal their bans. Now the good stuff is just buried with nonsense. It’s really a huge pain to sift through. :’)

To all the members out there that misses the good old days: