Italic text in general chat?

Uhh idk this happened randomly then got fixed automatically

Guess it’s just a visual glitch… interesting that your bubble chat isn’t in italic

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That’s not italic, that’s tilted; that happens when a moderator changes their name with said font changes.


Yeah, also italics is slanted to the right

Sorry Mr . MS office

(20 chatacters)

So mods can influence OUR chat layout now? Why? Why is that even a thing?

bruh chillax it’s a bug

Because of how the undercover mode works, we aren’t allowed to use the html settings on our usernames though.

Because they probably forgot to put the closing HTML tag into their name, so the rotation gets applied to everything after the name in chat.

Still, why do we need to have our entire chat italic just because ONE MOD decided to make their username italic? I once took a break from PW because I felt that mods have a little too much control, now I’m getting the feeling that I have to do it again.

I mean it’s a bug and it’s not like PW suddenly explodes if the whole chat gets italic lol

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It’s the chat in a single world where you most likely had to be there when the moderator sent a message and where the moderator forgot to put the closing tag into their name. If it bothers you that much, either leave/re-enter the world or perhaps actually consider taking a break, if something so minor triggers you that much.

Again as I said, because of how the undercover mode works. If the /rotate tag isn’t at the end of the username, obviously it will affect the rest of the chat until the message goes away from the chat.