Item Skip-Its

This will be a thread about me talking about items that you may or will skip. Items that either do not look good, or are just too plain. Items that are newly released or items that relate to an event that is upcoming will be the ones on this list.

Some of these are in my opinion so you can go against some of them. This can also be a way for you to save world locks (or byte coins because uh, you know-) and invest on some better items.

Alright lets kick it off with Skip- It #1


Clan Bot Mask

Honestly, it just does not have the same feeling compared to the Pixelbot mask which was a hit. . It also looks like we just destroyed a clan bot and got the frame of it and we wear it as a trophy. This can be recommended if you were to collect anything pixelbot because I think they might release a WOTW bot mask in the future.

Green shorts, towel skirt, and sauna stove

These items were released in last year’s summer event. Out of these three, the sauna stove is the unique one. I like those but, these 3 seem like items that you can just get always. They do not seem to be that special either.

It doesn’t special for other players but it does special for collector like me. Usually, underrated item will be more rare than overrated items.

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I doubt they will add a wotw bot.

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IMO, I hate green shorts with all the atoms in my body! Why? I’m not fond of the color scheme, the shade of green is too bright, and the shorts look wayyyyy too spherical!

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Item Skip Its 7/2/2021

Summer Fannybag

Another item that is just not that special. It is something that a new player would happily wear. If you are a summer item collector though, you can pick it up

Shoes of Hermes

The item design does resemble Hermes’ shoes. But they have no defense, nothing special. If you want to get it because of the design or set then you can get it.

Shoes of hermes is like bunnynator shoes but different design

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I agree with that. It also does not make sense how Hermes has something to do with Summer. He is the Messenger God and has nothing to do with the sun or anything

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