Item trash history/restoration

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Copy-paste from my idea on the Pixel Worlds Discord server “#pw-suggestion text channel” with minor edit.
If you accidentally deleted a valuable item, then you can bring up a history list of all past deleted items within a selected time frame (Past Month/Week/Day/Last 24 Hours/Hour). Restore the item into an inventory with enough inventory space or item quantity and pay 2000 gems to restore said item/stack of items.

Basically like browser history, but for items. Instead of deleting, it restores the item from oblivion/shadow realm. Uses a time frame filter to display items within a certain select time frame. However you can’t restore the same item again as it was already just restored. Please take visual care when trashing items.


Hoarders now beeing able to fake trash without even having to edit their recording go brrrr

the reason why theres a comfirmation before trashing, its the players fault for trashing the item and will never be replaced with. i dont think this is neccesary. [ unless if theres a hacker that accessed your account and trashed ur valuable items ] the yes, useful but unneccessary.

agree. I was once trash my wls accidentally think it was a yellow block. This idea of his may be useful somehow.

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just dont trust them duh

tell that all the gullible kids that are going to panic

how can that be a spam when i am refering my words to the thread, look. its the players fault for trashing it, if you’ve trashed it then you cant returned it. spamming in the other hand, only happens if you are replying to the thread but isnt refering into it.