Items disappearing from world


My name is RobertYob (ign)

Today i been moving my items from world ADN to world P5 and all of them disapear from it. (No one has rights in the world, no one ever had acces to take items from my world.

All the worlds i been today were: ADN, BUY, P5

I was moving all of them from ADN to P5

Items missing: worth 10m-20m including: (black pwr, yellow pwr, daily bonus items, vip daily bonus items, rare seeds, wings, swords from different events as (winter event, easter event, valentines day event, cloverleaf event and summer event.

I was moving them in time 13:30 until 15:40 (ROMANIA timezone)

The time items went missng been 15:50-16:30

Some of my friends in game name: [kazul, Robert_4444 and [Sorento] were with me in the world while i was moving them and they have seen.

Please do something and please fix this bug and help me to get my items back!:pray:t2: the exact date is “04.02.2024” day,month,year. Thanks!

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Ummm, are u sure they not duped?

even if they were duplicated items they wouldn’t have disappeared from any world and any inventory

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Idk why than. I think its a bug

There is a chance the world did a mini roll back…

This happened to me recently I lost a considerable number of early anniversary cakes which were worth close to 1M.

Also recently Ive had several rollbacks in the world were my pets live. So much so that twice I’ve had pets that I’ve sent on an adventure not actually be on the adventure upon my later return … ! …

Of course other explanations are the world you moved them to is duped in some way, others have rights, or someone knows your password!

Good luck…