It's getting worse

I dont know if this thing is known of or not but…

So I was in @TRADE and saw this guy named "Music " (the space is on purpose) The thing is, it wasnt the real “Music”. (the Ex-Mod)
I’ve talked with the guy and as he said:

  • Only him and one of his friend know the way to make an account by this way;
  • The way it works is by using the " " (Enter button thingy) right after the username;
  • It uses a third-party application which “he and his friend made” and as far as i understood him right, he’s selling it;
  • He and his friend can make an account with ANY taken username by this method (Not sure about usernames involving inappropriate words);
  • He told me he got banned on some accounts (MrBeast, Jake and PewDiePie)

(Draft from mid-november, forgot to post it, apparently it’s still going around therefore it should be good.)

You should report it to an admin. Hopefully, the admins actually read this thread. If that’s really true, then it’s pretty scary since anyone can frame anyone.

Haha, no.

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:yum: sussy


ofc… do you wanna see also where that angel wings come from

Luke was framed with this account duplication unfortunately.