I've been robbed

hello, good afternoon, let me know because what’s happening is that they stole my xmas jet pack with an invicibility hack in the world of dropgamecomeplis in which it was _____and his accomplices were _______

first of all you shouldnt have dropped it. second your items cant be backed but we can ban them. remember never ever drop.

please write to support team and/or report him.

Suspicious name… did you played drop game in there?

Also no name shaming please, if you sure they were hacking, you should’ve had reported them ingame or alternatively, direct message ingame moderators when it was happening.

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another thing: you cant get that much letters on a world. are you sure you didnt made up all of these and opened a new account. remember mods can check the things happened and check your ip adress

Has a high chance to have been a dropgame, but I do not think such a veteran could’ve dropped it.

You’re right… It’s a letter larger than maximum.

yea. eventhough he may mistyped the plis part the world dropgamecomepls is taken by someone else he says

And also, “Invincibility hack”??

How he collect you item invisibility hack?

I think he means he just dropped the item “just because.” Then the “hacker” took it from there. But still, all claims are against him. The developers will decide his fate.

yes they deceived me that the onwer came out and came out and I threw it away and the hacker was already waiting and he stole my xmas jet pack

I see. Mind explaining the world name too?

yes that was how I stole it

Get Grammarly brothers. I can’t understand a word you’re trying to say.

why did you drop if owner was there. i can understand if he wasnt there

He was already waiting for your item there?? Sounds like Ghost hack lmao, but I thought it was patched.

no i was just at a giveaway and someone ghost hacked smth

What are you talking about?? (20 characters)

i was in a giveaway and it was run and someone ghost hacked the item