I've got a couple of questions regarding mining

What is a “mgem” ?
What purpose do emeralds have, and can I make profit with them other than selling them?
Should I keep mining in lvl1- lvl2 with a classic pickaxe?

What’s the best way to go from here? I have around a total worth of 15-20 World Locks now.

m gem is mining gem just like f gem they are fish gems
emeralds make items they dont make alot tough

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What is a fish gem? I’m really new at this, I know nothing about these things :frowning:

Mgems = Mining gems (the amount of gems you get from ores)
Emeralds are a type of ore among with topaz, saphire, ruby and diamond
Yes, mining in level 1 and 2 with a classic is good, but you might need to do higher levels if you get a better pickaxe.
In your case, doing level 1 and 2 and selling level 3 keys is the best thing to do right now
As you can see here, you can sell gemstones for gems

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fish gems are gems you can trade as you buy 2k gems worth og fish for a wl each and you sell them to fish monger for gems

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Thanks for the help!

Thanks for helping ! :grinning:

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And you can get more profit by selling huge and large gemstons separately from Mgems as a whole