Jake/ devs, please stop

I just wanted to make this thread to ask the devs, especially Jake recently to stop getting involved in the economy of the game. You’re ruining the experience for some players by releasing items that aren’t supposed to be in circulation anymore. Obviously a recent example is Sweetheart Swords. They’re a special item and they are LIMITED. You are just bringing them back into circulation and giving them away but you’re affecting a lot of people by doing so. These items are limited so lets keep it that way please.

Another example is giving away a Drac Cape at Halloween for no reason. These items are expensive and rare for a reason, people put hours and work hard to achieve them, you can’t just give a random one out into the market.

Please don’t get involved in our economy, limited items need to stay limited.


I understand Jake is wanting to get the sweetheart swords back into circulation but giving them away isnt the best way. As it ruins the price of that sword and for those who made the investment into them. The people who jake have given swords to, have sold them to turn a free profit cause why not its “free world locks”

Regardless if they were hoarded or not.

Jake could of easily got on a alt account and sold them at a reduced price (Example: lets say they were 600 wls at the time, he could sell them at 200 - 300 wls) You would get them back into the player economy and the world locks he obtain could of been trashed to help with world lock inflation


the sweetheart swords were confiscated from a person who got perma banned. That person had hoarded about 120-150 of them i think.
The items already existed. it would be the same as if the orginal owner had given them away.

i guess he just wanted to do giveaways lol.

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The item was around 500ish wls (not to certain on the price) and its now around 130-150wls.

Yes, if i understood what jake said in his video correctly, those were illegally made items or smth so he he confiscated and he is now bringing it back into circulation.
The economy is affected however because it seemed like Jake brought in more or new of those swords into the game, but from what I understood, they were already in the game and it just helped bring them back into the economy, since ofc they are limited.

Drac cape didn’t do anything, just got people to think they could snag a quick item and it ended up being sold for the same price within 2 trades

thing is, they are conficscated and still is limited.