Jake is working for the company who made Drive Ahead (Dodreams)

i loved Drive Ahead so im pretty excited to say the least.

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I used to play this game as a kid like 4-6 years ago, i forgot that cool game and it’s honestly a surprise to see that it still exists.

Not gonna lie im happy about jake finally having more freedom in his life and meeting new people.

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Seriously, Drive Ahead?

I loved that game but the V2.0 (or what version) update made it pay-to-win by adding gems that are extremely rare & also a battlepass system.

V1 was actually cool as instead of these stupid gems, you had parts and golden parts that were easy to obtain.


That game is so nostalgic. Sadly, the game turned into a pretty bad cash grab that crashes a lot.


The second a game tries to hop on the latest bandwagons (battle-pass systems, NFTs, crypto), it’s a game not worth playing.

Also, the battlepass bandwagon has already departed, as the craze has ended. Yet I still see games hopping on it for some reason.

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It has turned into battle-pass hell, and quite a lot of things are locked behind microtransactions and/or gems that are very rare.

True, the core-game is still the same but new vehicles can only be obtained via “vehicle shards” that only drop from lootboxes.

From what i remember game wasn’t like that at all

Yeah, the game has changed a LOT since you have last played it.

Just downloaded it again and it changed a lot from what I remember. Special IAP offers everywhere, something that seems like an “energy system” to play rounds/games and a cluttered and confusing UI.

I really miss the old “story mode” and dislike how you don’t one-shot anymore.

I hope Jake can bring some positive changes to the game so that I can enjoy it as I did back then.


Oh yeah, and I also forgot to mention “vehicle mastering”, exactly like how Brawl Stars does it with ranks for brawlers.

It wasn’t. But then it updated into V2.0 and now it’s microtransaction hell. I also remember the old game where you had coins, scraps and golden scraps and no gems or anything.

Isn’t he only doing marketing now though? I think someone said that he completely resigned from game designer and CM but kept the marketing. This basically means “same crap but the ads are now made by Jake”.

Drive ahead? Kinda familliar, ig i saw that game few times on play store

As said on this thread a lot of times already, do not bother with the new version, unless you like battlepass systems and P2W.

downloaded the game again and it got boring in the first 2 minutes LOL


not really a fan of p2w, prob not gonna play it, i didn’t use my phone that much

Never heard bout it+ mobile games :nauseated_face:

pw started out as a mobile game for its first 6 months but ok

hes kidding

no he’s Fising