Jake.. This is not the way

It’s a good video tho, go watch it.

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Does he really play GT? Does he do streams on his personal account or what?

No, he went back to it after (what I’m guessing is years) and almost had a panic attack.

So where did the youtuber get the video of him raging at GT if he didn’t stream anywhere?

Oh. He uploaded a video about it to his own youtube account (Pawsaur).

He did? Link his account?


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I still wish he used an alternative service to YT… Almost everybody else forgot about YT removing dislikes but I’m still angry at that.

Maybe Rumble?

If you’re on pc you can download an extension to get the dislikes back, idk about mobile tho

Removing YT Dislikes was stupid, but getting them (mostly) back is very easy to do. If you haven’t already, use Return YouTube Dislike.

Sadly you can’t use it in the official YouTube app. It might work in a mobile browser that supports extensions, but I don’t think the user experience in a mobile browser for watching YouTube is that great.

Hence I really hope that it gets added to YouTube Vanced.


Yeah, SponsorBlock already did get added to Vanced. That’s why I hope the dislike removal bypass will also get added.

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The title is the cursedest thing I have laid my eyes on

Hey, Jake, we all make mistakes! Just remember we have your family so delete growtopia and lets be friends :blush:

Update: YouTube Vanced now has added Return YouTube Dislike in v17.03.38!


Legend says that Jake is still trying to remove the peeping sound to that day

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i used the extension… Damn it got many likes