Join the dark side



I want to be Darth Sidious.
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*Imperial march playing

Lord Serxan the council will decide your fate!


Dark side? But your clan is light… :eyes:

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You prolly can’t wait or you didn’t win, hes active at discord. You can contact him there instantly ok I’ll stop joining the argue.


Ondrashek, what do you mean? if you still talk about the twitch sub that i gifted to soap_ , it was never a giveaway in the first place , how do you think you win it? i just wrote in twitch stream chat ‘who wants sub?’ , thats all. I never did a video of it on instagram , youtube , or anywhere else. How you can win a giveaway that never existed? If you typed ‘me’ in the chat first or second , it doesnt mean im going to give it to you . Because IT IS NOT A GIVEAWAY. I gave it random.

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You sure do hold a lot of grudges.

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Sorry, but please.

At least you finally explained. Thank you

And when I asked why I didn’t get it at the stream, why didn’t you just write this instead of just “no”?

Livestream chats aren’t exactly the best place for large paragraphs like that, so a shorter response was necessary.