[Joke Post] This should be the new intro to streams

It captures the entire stream:

  • Film camera: Watch a video
  • Shop: Use points to buy rewards
  • Person with sign: Visiting people’s worlds
  • Person in TV: Watch it live!
Just so you know, this post was meant as a joke… Do not flag for “sPaM”.

I thought it said “[Jake Post]” and thought that you had lost your mind completely now.

If this post was actually by him, it wouldn’t be marked “Jake Post”, he’d just post it from his Account, lol.

I meant that I thought it was FOR Jake, not by Jake

Then it’d say “To Jake”, idk anybody who says “To Somebody” like “Somebody Post”


Yes… I know but I just thought that you had lost your mind completely, so it could’ve just said whatever at that point.

Stupid suggestion. Also only like 50 people, maybe less are actually watching the stream introduction. Most people show up about 5 minutes later. Waste of admin time designing something like this.

There was an entire conversation above you, where a guy talked about how he didn’t notice that it was a joke post…

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Ah. Not funny enough to be a joke. I also read this as Jake Post and didn’t bother re-reading since the context fits.

In that case, at least you tried :star:
…but maybe don’t try again

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There are no stupid suggestions and posts; only stupid people.
And maybe slightly mentally handicapped ones.

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He is. Don’t talk crap about that. Even I wouldn’t go so far as to make fun of something like this.

He knows he is.

I think he was trying to state that respectfully, by saying that he’s not stupid, he’s just mentally handicapped.

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Talking crap is stating fact?

Go back to russia.

Please kindly don’t argue with me because i think i am right*

That would be a nicer way to say it
also I’ve never been to Russia before :slight_smile:

Nicer doesn’t matter if it is factual.

Culture really does stick, I guess.

Успокойся, дорогой друг.

@Freak, lock this please.

Don’t lock the thread :smiling_imp: