Just another day

I mean, im sure many can relate…


LOL nice meme. bruh this 20 characters why

Hey samplayer, you aren’t allowed to have two accounts
You also have to be 13 or over to use the forums.

Screenshot_20220303-074614_Samsung Internet

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Cmon man why?Pls dont ban.

Because its the rules.

It is illegal to collect data from persons under the age of 13.

What did I do why ask?im asking for world name cmon man.

You know my age dude?

Well, no.

You could just be childish and over 13 but from your mannerisms its pretty easy to tell…

Its probably better for you not to be on this site a while ago some adult content was posted that you definitely shouldnt be seeing.

Dont judge the book by its cover!

Dude pls stop with this.

Ok fine ill stop you could easily be over 13.

But on thsi forum there are many things posted that could distress you so continue here at your own risk.

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But im not collecting data from another person I just ask world name lol.

No, this forum is collecting data from you.

That’s exactly why “Ignore auto-portals” should be a setting available to everyone, not only people with access to the admin panel.

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Wait what Wait what?

Yeah by joining this forum it collect data from you.

Im no expert on what it collects but it might knkw stuff like your country of origin.

Basically every site, app, etc. collects data from you in order to make advertisements more personal and suitable

Not sure what the forums collects tho since there are no advertisements here :thinking:

Its ok I dont have important stuff in my email.

Basically @AloneTzy if you stay on this forum you could encounter furry **** that your eyes shouldnt be seeing.

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What do you mean dude?