Just got asked this question on the subreddit

Why does the algorithm think that the sub has adult content?

First of all Ondrashek06 the PWG subreddit is not official. The server is owned by Dougzon and Georges. Second this is normal

Dont use light mode please.

these are just random recommendations.

My tablet has a glitch where if the screen is too dark, the brightness automatically lowers itself and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to turn this off. That’s why I use light mode, I can’t stand the extremely low brightness.

Like what Fazeus said, these are just random questions asked. I frequently look at the posts In the subreddit and I do not see much vulgar or inappropriate posts.

If these ARE random, why does it ask if r/gaming is about gaming, or if r/nostupidquestiona is about asking questions?

r/gaming is probably more known and popular page, not like pixelworlds subreddit wich is not even official.