Just stuff and hi!

Been away from forum but it doesn’t look like so much had been going on…

What’s anyone been doing in the game?

I’ve noticed the seasonal dip in use following Xmas and schools going back.

I’ve also been getting terrible world rollbacks, I mentioned my pets world getting this in an older Xmas post . But lost a group of very valuable items in a storage drop world because of that :cry:. At least they were found and not paid for!..

So here’s a bunch of unrelated stuff :grinning:

Where is PW going in 2024? Can someone confirm the server renewal?

One more thing, which I guess is partly related to the collapse in Gem values, but why are pets (familiars ) so cheap to buy with BC compared to the shop? There are loads of different examples picking just one rn you can buy an unnamed penguin 3days old for 9999bc in PWE yet it’s 70k gems in the shop… I’m drowning in gems but this difference is vast

Anyway enjoy PW!

Yeah,Also aren’t servers renewing In 2025???