L game tbh

This game has gone to the sewer. The admins have banned like half of the community, the only good mods have been demoted, and bad ones have been added lol. There is a GIANT illegal trading community that basically controls this game and seemingly can’t be stopped, making thousands of dollars a week and circulating billions of bytes. Hack clients are easy to get, and there have been like four dupe waves by now. Ekip Ali completely controls the game, and it seems like the admins won’t do anything to stop him. Most of the recent forum posts have been about their false bans, and most og players have quit or retired. I don’t think this game is worth saving, and don’t even know if you could save it. The only possible solutions at this point would be to shut it down or do a hard reset. When this post gets taken down for actually talking about the game, probably in a few hours, nothing will have changed and the admins will still be doing nothing lol. Good luck trying to find any reason to play this game lol


Some dude was even able to make a 4 min compilation about how bad this game is.

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Yoo, W post thx man
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”We’re gonna buy more server space when this runs out” - Lokalapsi, 2 days ago.

that would not fix the game, it would just benefit illegal traders and hackers

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Pixel world’s situation makin me wanna play growtopia now :rofl: that’s how bad the situation is

Fr. Although I would say in general its a good game, the way the admins and devs handle literally everything makes it much worse and basically unplayable.

Loka has literally done nothing to help the game. The only admin who tried to help the game was nobody. Nobody. No admin has done anything remotely helpful in the last year+. Cinderella has made like 30 items or something, but thats it. And since we dont have an animations guy, the items were mid at best.

Loka did some things, I heard months ago she unbanned many people, but yeah she also stepped off for a year and I don’t think Pixellox will do anything, right now all he can do is lie.

bold of you to assume they will have enough money to rent server space in one year considering how much money only a programmer requires / month

We had SipuliTrade who had posted, dare I say, over 100 different posts on different items, and added 1-5 new ones every week. As far as I know only 1 was added to the game? (Could be wrong) But you get the point. The game developers try to make Pixel Worlds better, but everything they do turns out to be bad (Which is true), all because they don’t listen to the players who give them good advice.

i got over this game tbh its just growtopia all over again

Why didn’t they patch it when they had the chance then rollback?

Straight facts.
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Bold of you to assume

i’ma admit that why I don’t actually sees a lot of people that I remember chatting with, wondering if they get banned or just completely left the game.