Lack of Mining ingredients use/way too high drop rate

The mining ingredients prices is literally 0 now its unbelievable, The chance should be lowered and there must be more use of it people literally selling Silver Coins (ultra rare) for 4 bc each comparing this to fishing ingredients Pearls and Broken glasses are 200bc+ which is fair and good for an ultra rare item, Now getting silver coin in mining is just like getting any common one… here is a picture of one of the sales i found

yeah even pocket watch is dropping its at like 20 now if it drops to like 10 then epic pickaxe will be like 100wls they need to make everything rarer

Mining itself is the Best farming method out there it gives so much gems & then there is that wings which is basically like selling a legendary halloween prize in mining shop, many told me that they get 1pl daily just mining, they need to nerf the ingredients chance like twice and a half than the current one… the gear dropped in months more than fishing gears in years

its a bit too op in my opinion its like 3 times better than fishing

True but i understand devs idea, since fishing can be done afk and with multiple accounts, other than how boring mining gets after few days
no breaks since light goes away so u enter u must finish it all, the annoying thing where there is lots of hidden stuff to find as well.

yeah i quit mining i ended up maybe profiting 3 pl but losing 1pl from gear dropping but that 3pls was from like 150 mines or or 13 hours

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If I’d say, old miner shoe has become way more rare than silver coins, considering it only drops from level 1 mines (which barely anyone does). It’s ironic…

Yeah that’s actually so true imagine 2030 pocket watch is 500 byte old miner shoe rises to 600 :rofl:

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i would say its because the shoes is used to repair the pickaxe

If the problem is the neo low investment, they should just buff nether and fishing and revamp the way drops work now. But they always come too late, so they’re probably never going to revamp old features unless they finally step up their game and listen to the veterans.

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They are actually bringing new fish specie so hopefully, fishing gets popular again.