Lag Problem

can yall explain why the game taking so much data when mining? i turned off my settings and still cant even break blocks without getting reconnected. My connection is great and im not lagging when doing other things like fishing but when im trying to do mining it is taking so much data that i cant break blocks. Can yall fix that? i saw the reviews in play store and they all getting the same problem and yall doing nothing about it.

Yeah, mining server tends to lag most of the time, especially if you’re on phone and you only use mobile data. You really need strong internet connection in mining.

With less money coming in, it’s harder for them to expand the server, you know they been struggling a little, you can see it tho

The server was bought on a fixed time/contract basis… it’s not about spending more $£¥€

Many of us, if we stop and think about it, wonder what Kukouri will do come renewal time… There are plenty who speculate on forums it will be game up…

Let’s hope not .