Laser Swords


I was wondering what is the best laser sword in the game?


all of them because yes

so they are all the same, just the color difference?

Not quite. As far as damage goes

Green and blue both do 10 + 130 (light)
Red does 10 + 130 (dark)
Purple does 10 + 135 (dark)

Green and blue are best for nether, since light damage is most effective. Light and dark are both equally effective for secret base. So for that purple is technically best but it’s the most expensive.

Really just up to you to weigh the cost vs the damage and see what fits your budget best.


Okay got it.
Thank you!

Pro tip: Buy the cyber sword instead, it does some good damage and it’s wayy more cheaper than the laser swords :wink:


totally agree. Thank you!