Le sword in stone

Yea so , I have seen literally nobody post this and every video I have seen about it so far was clickbait
Without further ado, (If you haven’t seen it already) Here is how pulling a sword in stone liiks like!


how many days does it take to draw a sword, I have 2 and have tried for a month every day and it never comes out

would you like to give me access to your world so I can try pulling them out?
I will give them to you if I get to pull them
if you like this idea tell me your world name right here


lets meet there starting with nerasword

first time seeing it happen, i probably tried pulling 200 times and nothing :sob:

Since this thread is live again

@Antonis73 I finally got the one you offered to pull ! :joy:

Sadly nothing dropped from breaking the block…


Btw how does anyone get 10 of these? I’ve bought 100’s of elven boosters and I’ve never seen one nor has anyone I directly know who plays the game…

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you have probably seen those players selling hundreds of stacks of elven booster blocks and city booster blocks, that and the surplus of other items from those boosters is where autominers have spent immense amounts of gems

Yes I’ve seen the sellers… Imo much of that is because they are so profitable - if sold in the right way

That said I have also sold (still do) 1000’s of elven blocks/b.grounds/etc… probably a quarter of mine have come from world finds… I also tend to break elven blocks as most of them drop back on 3rd or 4th block…

I’ve made fortunes out of it in truth

… But I don’t sell them by the stack. They are too cheap like that . Much lesser amounts.