Least known item?

Key of the deep i reckon

Now we all know about it :smiling_imp:

Why is it the “least known item” though?

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Well I guess it’s because literarily no one uses it and it’s only gotten from that nether boss quest which is pretty hard for most people, so some players might not even know about it

Least known item is unknown.

Ngl the less known item is this one.

(Come from a trade bug)


breakable air


What do you mean, my inventory is full of nothing

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im pretty sure none of us knows the least known item in game.

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pink bunny tail?

they’re rarely seen and also limited

in my opinion its this item, ive been playing the game for years and have never seen someone using it, talking about it or selling it. actually shocked.

its just a underrated quest item

which quest?

I dunno what its called. has something to do with nether


Imo this is one of the least known items.

I mean has anyone ever actually seen this in a world.


The quest is called “Like a Dragon”, which requires you to win 10 Jet races. You can check here: Daily Quests | Pixel Worlds Wiki | Fandom

I did a few times. Also i saw it being sold for like 100 bc on pwe

Red rubber boots, they have been lost in the files. jake said something about adding it into the game

I’ve seen this item before, I tried to get it but ended up stopped because it was rare to find in pwe.

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