Let’s have a chat

Nostalgia hit me all of a sudden which made me log in to these forums for the first time in idk

I’m curious to know how the community here (what’s left of it) is so anyone who is still out here, let’s assemble for a chat about anything PW or Not PW? You can also ask me questions

If anyone is on

Question n°1: How have you been?
Question n°2: Minecraft or Terraria
Question n°3: Why is the why whyed and why he is whywhy?

(Couldn’t resist adding a random question :sweat_smile:)

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1.) I’ve been great actually, I’ve gotten into more sports and stuck with my hobbies and explored new ones

2.) I would say Minecraft but I haven’t played Terraria yet so can’t answer this yet “.

3.) Uhh why?

Oh the community. . .about that hehe pixelworlds is dying becuz most admins left and now there r only 2 not mod regulars on forums

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Yah I’ve been aware of that for a while already. I also heard that the PW servers may expire this year or something along those lines if nobody renews them. Wonder if that’s true

Well the server expiring has not been confirmed by Sinderella,Lokalapsi,PIXELLOX, or bbricks

so we don’t know

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Oh okay

It was mentioned by jake before his departure

I log in once every day since the past like 4 months, then go and claim daily bonus and proceed to log off

The daily bonus prizes aren’t anything new right?

I think once u argued with this fact once.

Also maybe the current admins WILL renew it

They need to find a way to make this game alive and get more staff if they want to keep this game though :confused:

The admins gave up.I know the job email tho : jobs@kukouri.com

Also about social firsts. . .Turns out it’s not a game it’s a company.Its website says it creates games but I don’t think they have any games XD

If u wanna see the website here’s the link https://www.socialfirstgames.com/

You plan on getting involved with that? Me personally I won’t because I’m tired of sandbox games now

Sup, how’s life? How was christmas? How was new year? You havin a good time?

Darn, only just spotted this, I feel like the guy who gets to the party when everyone has already started going home xD. I could say that about the thread or PW!

Oh Minecraft, but I also ain’t played the other…

I doubt very much that finding new Devs is an issue it’s more likely they don’t want to!

PW have actually introduced quite a lot of new content via the existing events but that’s it. For me it seems like the current team don’t really care about the game they do their task and that’s it - Just look at the current event , a non functioning booster because it hasn’t got the new content in it.

Sorry dev team but that’s dumb . How about don’t start the event until it’s ready? It make them look stupid.

I sign in game everyday at some point or other.

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I’ve been better than I was last year, been doing more hobbies and going outside and made new friends.

Christmas and New Year was alright, spent time with family.

Suffered from a rejection on Valentine’s though but I’ll be alright

Yeah I agree, the recent content is just things put out by the devs just because it’s a tradition/required for them. It doesn’t have the same love and effort or doesn’t hit the same way when Jake and the others were still around

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Only have 1 word