Let’s talk bout clans

OK so let’s talk bout the best clans in pw with active members,high rankings good organization.My clan rn is Gizmo an OG clan that is very organized and u have to sign ur own guestbook to make sure ur active!It requires discord to join but the owner made me an exeption
Also it a lvl 10 clan

I dont have any clans but uhhh… Why its so hard to find clan that not requires exp per day?

Most of the clans that say “this much xp per day” actually don’t require that.Also if u wanna join Gizmo (my clan) go to world USAJULY3 in bout 2 hours and we talk there

I cant. Cant play pw on pc(have problems with everything. From WiFi to not having pc rn) and on mobile my keyboard glitches and can not open for 1 to 20 minutes

Ohh ok :frowning: maybe just try

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What time? (Use est or msk so i can Google how lat it will be for me)

Our clan Is dormant RN - It’s only a level 2 .

As far as I understand it I will automatically take it over soon … if so I might open it up.

As for requirements, Defo no xp needed

Gems yes . But daily? No . I still think this is an onerous request.

It’s soon obvious if someone contributes nothing.

Visit the world SUPER-POWER if interested. Say hi :pen:

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Idk. I can stop playing for several months (school/family problems/something personal/illnesses) plus i dont actually getting large loads of gems like guys on yt “2 gugol gems per hour :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face::smiling_imp::smirk::smirk::smirk::smiling_imp::laughing: ez way to earn gems and be pro in pw :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::fire::fire::fire::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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Hey, you still recruiting? Currently looking for a clan myself

I’ll ask the owner anyways here is the discord

It’s by Discord invite only?

What’s ur discord? ???