Let’s talk

I’m bored let’s talk about our non-pw interests

I’m waffle, I don’t play games other than pw, I play the trumpet and make online/board games. I’m learning how to edit and animate

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i literally have all my info on my desc :smiley:

Very interesting! I’ll subscribe in a bit

thank you :smiley: (20 character)

Name: ducc
Favorite food: spaghetti and kids
Hobby: filling up my basement with kids

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hey that is my hobby too! i have a collection of all kind of kids!

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My basement is legally an orphanage

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my basement has more kids than cengiz han(ghengis khan)'s family
i read somewhere that we all may be grandkids of ghengis khan

We are all grandkids of your mom :wink: please don’t sue me

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im vulx i love cats (20)

sues you, for not making my mom joke like a true chad

Name: Potatoe
Likes: something nothing
Hates: a lot of stuff
Hobby: living
Prefers to not die



  • noob lmao

  • Takes too much stress

  • Doesn’t contain kids in his basement.

  • e

yes same

I dunno how to edit at all

I can splice stuff but nothing else