Let's talk about the loading screen

We all keep agreeing that the current loading screen is boring, and that the previous screen was more awesome.

Heck, even Miiverse’s screen is a lot better:

However, what EXACTLY should the loading screen change to?

Maybe add a small minigame to it to make it interactive?
An option could be to add a dynamic count of “X users online”, however the numbers are “Kukouri CONFIDENTIAL”.

My personal favorite is adding pixelians walking across the loading screen, with chat bubbles appearing with some tips. You could interact with them by throwing them away, or tapping them to give them a pat, etc.



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One thing i don’t like in the current loading screen is that the world don’t load smoothly like before

Here is a small comparaison

My favorite loading screen is the second one where the world load fast and it’s soo smooth, i wish devs can bring that one back


depends on ur wifi and how many people are in the world (the more players more lag and un-smooth loading screen)