Letter Sign

Letter Sign is a new prop item, that is Tier 7 crossbreedable
And it’s recipe is: Sign + Grey Brick Wallpaper


You can use the wrench on it to change the letter

You can use the Letter Sign to write fun messages in your world


Do you like this idea? :older_woman:


Its would be good…

m sorry if ur grandma died… :frowning:
lol and good idea i would support it

Sooner or later someone will make something offensive.


It looks so cool! It would be even greater if you could add numbers as well. :smile:

i love it, but i really hope they’d add number sign too :frowning:

I’m pretty sure he is joking lol :rofl:

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nice idea love it (i should use for my world) good job i rlly need for making hacked parkour world
just put feww of this and change to 0 and 1
its not hacked just theme :joy:

People can make something offensive without this feature as well, I personally think that it’s too cool to not be added just because it could be used to write offensive things.

Looks pretty solid I would say.

I might as well do it before someone else does

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I bet the devs considered this many times, but the amount of corrupt humans in this would make this lead to nothing but chaos and abuse.We don’t currently have enough mods to deal with the responsibility of all the worlds that will have offensive use with these


Don’t copy Doritos son.

That brings up a weird point when it comes to MMOs though. If someone wanted to do something offensive, then they could just put a sign down, and write it on there, or they could walk up to another player and just say it to them.

10% of players actually read signs
Nobody in PW likes to read, huge letters are easy on the average player’s underdeveloped illiterate eyes and has no freedom of paragraphs likes signs do

(I know I’m not being harsh; I literally GMed “Cheap and tasty chop sueyy” and like 5 people came in thinking I was running a shop world)

What’s stopping someone from running around and saying the F word, or another word? Basically nothing, aside from in-game moderation.

I really don’t see this getting into the game anyway, because of separate reasons, but people still abuse the text chat. There’s much more potential for inappropriate stuff with these letter blocks, but my point is, it’d just be condensed into a different place.

The one thing stopping them is the filter, not the mods

Numbers are possible, but not letters. People could write anything and it’s hard to report a world prop.

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The filter probably isn’t difficult to work around.