Likes and dislikes about the forum

I’m probably the last person to make a post about this, since I joined a month too late.
However, I still want to go ahead and say what pastajake likes and doesn’t like about this forum.

-the new design, it’s way more modern and clean. I’ve used a forum which looks like this already, so I’m at least a bit familiar with it.
-new awards (badges)
-no more signatures (i actually found them annoying on the old forum)
-it’s not such a ghost town anymore, at least for now
-the “Your topic is similar to…” thing when creating a thread

-the lack of profile posts, i loved them
-20 character limit.
-what took you so long to make it?
-when replying to someone it no longer shows that someone’s text, sometimes it’s confusing.

If I think of more stuff to complain about, I’ll surely add them to the dislikes part, but for now I like having a forum again.
Thank you Kukouri for actually making a new forum and not completely abandoning it.


I like the vbulletin style more. This forum style is a bit confusing and bizarre.



  • You still have the pasta Jake profile pic after all these years just like you promised
  • Welcome back


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I think we’ll get used to it with time.

Welcome back to the game dude

I dislike how they are satisfied with this, instead of adding more onto it over time, despite how we’re literally spoon-feeding them ideas and easy to add plugins, even after prematurely abandoning us for months without a word, deleting all our work and data and leaving us in the dark over the last forums, and fooling us with new flashy forums that we can eat up and forget about because it’s simply in dark mode.

I like everything else though I guess.

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On the topic of adding new plugins, I don’t understand what really took them this long to create a new forum, like there are half an hour long tutorials on setting up a forum with Discourse (ofc not setting up the ENTIRE forum, but for the basics), and why there was a lack of updates about the progress they’ve made.

I mean, I even lost the count on how many months it took.

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I asked jake if they could recover the old archived forums and he was like, “sure that wouldn’t be a problem.”

They originally said they were transferring all the data from the old forums to this. Then last minute they decided to scrap that idea and make new forums, and give us a Wayback Machine with 6 posts from 2018, pridefully crossing their arms as if they’re one that did that.

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Not to mention that when the forums were almost up, Jake was like, “we’re almost done, I’m just thinking about the title of the subforums to put”

… Took him 3 days to do that.
All of this, without a single warning or progress report

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Yes, you’ll have to quote them now

Nice to hear from a familiar guy :wink:

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The forums was actually only for moderators and admins for a while (1 month I think) and it was just going to stay that way. But because many people on the discord wanted the forums back, Jake then changed things a bit.