Bad video, no morbillions of bytecoins were used

everything i post is bad in your opinion.

This is so pointless. You are just filling your selling slots.

you even removed them :skull:
what is the point?

Just for the video lol

If you run out of ideas, don’t upload garbage.

Wait for ideas to come.


I’ll give you content ideas if ya want

Check out my channel ‘Pin PW’ for content ideas and if you are stuck, just participate in my vidcon, :relieved:.

me rn: :confused:

Give me content ideas :smirk:

As you wish:
Pw dares
Clear the miningworld (Like completely like you would with a normal world
Fake scamfails for views
Talk about the economy
Sell your items and buy new ones
Want more?
(I saved the best ones for me)

Yeah nice ones thank you I’ll look into making some videos on these ideas.

Im full of em because I’m amazing

I don’t even understand what you’re trying to convey in your video. As there is no direct purpose in your video here, you should look for other ideas.

Even if you make a video about listing items with a price of 1 Billion but you are unlisted again, well you don’t have to make a video. After all, no one wants to buy it.

Because it is. We’ve already discussed this multiple times saying to post original an actual good content. None of this is funny. None of this is good. None of this is original. I’m sorry but it’s the hard truth. Listen to what people say. If you have an idea, and it’s original and just seems like a video the community would love, go for it. If you have an idea and you don’t like it, other people probably won’t like it either.

Bad video

for real, can you stop doing this stuffs
If you dont have ideas, go find some, dont upload randomly and putting :joy: face in it

was it funny? Idk
just go make a Much more creative videos

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Omaga i put soil for 1 billion bc guys pls buy.
(Disclaimer I actually didn’t as I don’t want to waste 500bc for just a joke.)

I ordered 1 soil for 1k a while back that was cool

This is totally me when I list items for 1 Billion BC

I totally laughed at this.