Lock space rent and eviction

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Alright I just got this one off the top of my head. How the hell do I get all these ideas? I implement real world concepts and interpret them into game mechanics and ideas.
Okay so this is hard to explain but it’s like buying an apartment, housing, storage, and/or land complex. If you can’t pay the bills, then you get an eviction notice.
Owners/landlords of locks can rent out specified locked areas at their own rates to any players/tenants interested. The landlord can also sell the space to multiple tenants at the same time during the initial purchase. The landlord can neither change the current design or future designs by the tenants of the rented space once sold. The tenants are unable to grief the current design of the rented space but are able to place their own blocks, props, and decorations.

The landlord and tenants can’t steal items from each other placed in their own storage props. They also can’t use magnets to steal blocks from each others.
(e.g. chests, safes, display cases, et cetera)

The landlord is automatically rejected by the world from denying safe and viable access/passage to the tenants rented space.
(e.g. blocked and unreachable paths with or without jetpacks; wings; et cetera, traps, and broken portals)

For portal access, the landlord can change the location of a portal so long as their is another portal with access to the rented space.
The landlord can set the payment to a daily, weekly, and/or monthly bill that the tenant has to pay on time.

Once the rate is set, landlords are unable to change the price until an eviction process is complete.

The tenant can also pay for the next bill cycle by accessing the lock in the rented space and submitting the payment. If their are multiple tenants, any one of them can submit the payment. The payment is then automatically sent to the landlord.

If the landlord/owner of the lock has a full inventory, the lock will store the payment with a notification bubble hanging over the lock for the next time it can be collected.

(Accepted forms of currency: any locks, lock tokens, byte coins)

(e.g. The tenant(s) paid 5 world lock the current monthly billing cycle. The tenant wants to also pay for future billing cycles for the next 5 months. They submit a payment of about 25 world locks through the rented space lock.)
If the tenant(s) fails to pay the bill on time, they will get a 1 week(s) eviction notice in their “main menu” HUD. If the tenant(s), succeed in paying the bill during the eviction process, they are returned the billing cycle/phase.

Otherwise, if they don’t pay the bill, the have to collect their belonging or are at risk of forfeiting their property.

If the tenant or one of multiple tenants is breaking in-game ToS and guidelines, they are automatically set to the 1 week(s) eviction process.

For severe violations of single tenants, property owned by them is auto wiped and the eviction process is instantaneous.

For one of multiple tenants of severe violations, one of them are free to collect the property during the eviction process. Future payments are also wiped from the lock for single severe violations. Past and current payments can still be collected.

During the eviction process, tenant(s) are still able to interact with their property as usual with risk of possibly forfeiting the property.

Once the eviction process is complete, all property; belongings; and assets once owned by the tenant(s) are now forfeit and property of the current landlord.

If a tenant or multiple tenants are world banned, the billing cycle and/or eviction process are frozen until their ban phase ends. World bans are considered legitimate if the tenant is guilty of violating in-game rules. They are illegitimate and fall under scamming if abused to deny access to tenants.
Future World Owners/Landlords
Owners/landlords of the current world are able to sell the world to other players. However everything above still applies to the new owner/landlord.

World Owners/Landlords are unable to remove their world lock if there are still existing tenants within the current world.

TL;DR blah blah blah real estate garbage idk why i typed all of this good idea i hope the devs add this one because it would be pretty interesting to see in many worlds especially giveaway, item shops, and roleplay worlds

Edit: basically legitimate form of selling lock rights without risk of damages for any participating individuals or parties. I tried to go into detail so no loose ends are found if this feature is ever implemented.

Edit #2: The entire payment system can also be set to automatic with the renting spaces being enabled/disabled with each lock. The owner can’t disable once the space is being rented out.

If the owner doesn’t want rent areas to be sold automatically, they can be sold manually.

If it’s automatic, the future tenant can add multiple tenants to the billing cycle and rented space and can add other players to the list. The initial payment can also be set to a higher price than the following payments (e.g. Initial payment: 10 world locks rate: 5 world locks per week/month).