Lock tokens

I know these are no longer tradeable etc…

But can you still combine them into a WL ?.
If you hold enough, of course

Yea of course you can combine

What happened is over the weekend one of the world’s I found had a some deeply layed stacks of dropped items/blocks .

Hidden were 30 lock tokens so they ended up in my inventory.

As it happens I have another world with a chest that has 61 one of them in which of course no one can see!. Then I have loads dotted around so thought I might as well make a lock - IF that was still possible.

Do you happen to know what will happen if I open said chest whilst holding others in my inventory? Would I then be able to add back into the chest amount or what??

Obviously any normal item that’s how it works… I’ve no idea with I untradeables.

@Robert_4444 do you know the answer to this? Hope you don’t mind the ask

As u see once u take untradable item from chest, display etc etc in world, you cant put them back, only option are trashing, bank or keep in ur inventory

I get that but think about the scenario I’ve described

A chest with untradeables already in place but not a full stack
An inventory with same untradeables in place again not a full stack .

What happens when you wrench the chest and click on the untradeables in the chest?

For everything else, including unplaceable items, a slider appears allowing you to re proportion the item amounts in the chest and inventory .

i think it would only let you remove and not add but i am not sure, you can see for yourself and if it doesn’t let you close the chest after pressing the lock tokens then exit the game

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