Longing from within the heart

Hi pixel friends, I’m Alena, I want to tell you something, I’m very ready to accept big responsibilities in the game if I’m chosen as a moderator, I’m ready to face whatever is in front of my eyes, and I will monitor my surroundings more often and solve player problems if someone needs my help

I have filled out the registration form as a moderator, but until now there has been no call from the Pixel World team, I hope I can be selected and I am ready to work hard

If you need a cover letter, I already have it and I’m very ready to work in the pixel world game, that’s all the topics I want to cover,Hopefully it can be received with joy, and greetings to everyone

Now, this

Is it in the room with us right now?


This may be a problem

you trying to make yourself noticed like this is the reason you’ll never be chosen to be a member of the staff

Agree, on top of that check her / his (I don’t know which one, but yeah) latest topic
Today’s Situaton by @alenayapw total fail.