Look at this completely safe electric installation in one of my school's classrooms

Seems rather dangerous to have exposed 230v live wires from the radiator in a place where students can get shocked by them accidentally and die.

Here are some beautiful winter photos as a bonus.

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wow love the winter photos but from those pictures i will track you down find you and kill you jk ofc


It’s near the city center. I can show you a google maps location.

Here are some more pictures.

Here’s a smart solution for keeping your beverage cold when it’s 100 degrees in the sauna.

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hey orange lets go find him well take the next flight to kirkkokatu ok?
Lets go murder ephus!(that ofc a JOKE)

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we HAD Snow like a week ago lol but now all molten cuz it rained :confused:

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Too bad that that’s located in the center of the second largest city in Finland. :rofl:

oof i dont live in the second largest city of finnland :pensive:

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100 degrees? Dude its way too hot. When im going to sauna there is about 60-80 degrees.

100c is the lowest that I will accept. It’s so cold at 100, that I have to pour the entire bucket of water onto the oven.

At the time of taking this picture, there was 60cm of snow outside (And still is) and it was -22. I like jumping in the snow in between.

(The blue thing in the picture is a PLA 3d print. I was testing the heat resistance. It got rubbery at 80.)

Wtf dude Espoo isnt far from me (Im not living in finland) but there was maximum -25° at my place but there about 20-40 cm snow…
Also i like diving into water more than snow;)

Unfortunately for me, I don’t have a lake in my backyard. A huge blizzard came here a couple of weeks ago. Most snow in fifteen years.

My naughty friends used to steal off my answers at my locker, if this existed to our school then I am grateful.

I almost wanted to suggest the class clown to try it with his tongue.

still winter? or just december photo love it

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School Principal: This is “fine”.

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-19 outside at the moment.

Damn these look so nice! It’s nice seeing these pictures when my country has no snow

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My home full of snow tho:o

My home full of rains tho ;-;