Losing won't reduce your points! New card tournament changes!

As the title says, losing against a discard deck player will result do -0 points.
This change became a thing because I beat Dev before update by doing nothing at all lol. Also winning now can give you now 200 points at best, and 120+60Streak points at against one level higher league player. Anyways, here screenshots:
I lost 0 points.

JamesAutumn getting 160 points for winning: (Picture: JamesAutumn’s)

CLASH clan clan chat:

I beat Dev lol *BEFORE UPDATE:


Now we really can reach Diamond league since losing does 0 points, this is very weird and good at the same time.

nice nice

He said that it’s visual though, and it’s a bug?

Dev said that, yes.
But actually it’s not visual, don’t tell him that :wink: for Diamond League plz.

You posting this on the forums with dev in it…

Joke went above your head xd, he already knows the bug.

OH N○○○○OOOOOooooo°°°°°°°•••••••…