Lower ios versions

I own an IOS 10.3.3 when i play it it crashes automatically open it, this happened to me in 2019 summer break.

What apple device are you using?

10.3.3 IPad ( 20 Characts )

I’m at 9.3.3 I can’t even install PW

Im at 10.3.3 but game keeps on crashing! But it worked before for like 2 and a half years i guess?

That’s probably because of your iPad’s RAM and processor, not the software. I used to have an iPhone 6 Plus (only 1GB RAM and an outdated processor) running iOS 12.5.1 and the game crashes everytime.

I have 5.66 GB left. So whats the problem here?

That’s the storage you’re talking about. I’m talking about the iPad’s RAM and processor. Also you haven’t mentioned what exact iPad model you are using for us to find out the specifications of your iPad.

MD513X/A ( 20 characts )

That’s the iPad 4th Gen, released in 2012. The processor is Apple A6X with 1GB RAM, that’s not enough to run the game anymore which is why you’re crashing :sweat_smile: You’re only option now is to buy a new device.

B-b-buy a new d-dev-vice?

My IPad is up to date but there is no update button :confused:

That’s because the iPad 4th Gen only supports up to iOS 10. You can’t update it any further. And sadly yes, buy a new device :persevere:

Even a samsung phone it breaks the screen then i can’t touch for some time

no its not because of that.

Its because Pixelworlds lost support for older apple devices in 2019. This is so that they could add newer/better features in the game, and it required support for metal in your IOS device.
you can check if your device has capabilities for metal on the apple developer’s site.


I wasn’t aware of that site, that’s probably the main reason why but I’ll also stick to my answer. Supported or not, 1GB of RAM with an almost 9-year old processor still won’t be able to handle the game anymore. Even my old iPhone 6 Plus (released in 2014) can’t even handle the game anymore even though it supports metal. In the end, MiddleUp has no choice but to buy a new device.

Now most old tablets and phones have this problem, I think an optimization should come.

I have a Samsung it was bought not more than 1 year ago i think but the app kind of breaks the screen.