Mag plant thingy

Thing where you can put blocks and others can access the block only if they are in that world they cant drop the blocks they can only place them. Like mag plant thing in growtopia but not that vacuum thing. So new players can farm my farmables and get the seeds and gems when they are leaving there is donation boxes so they have option to keep the seeds or give back. If they keep they still worked for them. This would be very nice for new players.

like what the others say, this item will give a very big negative impact.
not being sarcastic, but its bad for pw, and the reason why gt got boring because of that too.


I dont see how this would give negative impact.

i mean, this item wouldnt suck the blocks and seeds like the magplant in gt. its just, people might buy it and might become expensive. some might place block and might hire autoclicker for it to be broke. its like growtopia’s terrasect manipulator but different. i dont even think pw will add this.

also, what if they steal off your seed :thinking:

Like autoclickers can just drop like 10000 blocks under you and autoclick this would effect to them. And if its like 10 000 gems in store it cant get that expensive. And its okay if they steal my seeds i have a lot, and i can buy more if i need. If this item would come to game i would make world where you can break them for free you get free gems and seeds i have wls to buy much more seeds if they take them all.

look, i know your trying your best to add your suggestions. you must think the cons and pros before making a suggestion. im not hating. its just the economy and the players i care.

they will defintly fina a way to brek without effect and server noticing. like they’ll break 100 per minute or such.

would be cool if a player can forge it by using a blueprint and 500k gems or high.


if you want someone to break your farmables, you can call your friends or me. you can take the seeds and gems and i wont take it but help.

I dont need you to break my farmables i just want to make starting pw easier…

Let me say clearly - FAIL “PW never should be GT”

PW has any thing that are similar to growtopia items i dont see how this would makes pw growtopia

I respect your idea regarding on farming, since Mag Plant can help people farm easier , yet
there is always be a balance out of it to avoid Economy Collapse that might destroy the essence of fun .

Since we’re naming other games also, both games are Legendary in their own respective ways on how they farm and grind for gems,

Growtopia taught alot of people to farm since the game is mainly farming thats why the game itself named “Grow”

and in Pixelworlds also showcases us to play on what roles we love , mining , fishing, farming , or even adventure hunting " Netherworld" , PETS

Let’s hope for a great farming update in the future .


Is too much like GT, I would see no reason for having anything like a BFG for new players since there are many other ways to get gems. With things as nether the benefits of BFG are not even that special except for the owners of the world making profit.

There are many ways to get gems but i think farming is easiest to start with
and owners doesnt make profit from that bec most of the breakers take seeds

If there isn’t any profit for the owner why would anyone even use it. You could just give someone farmables. Makes no diffrence.

im not online 24/7

  • people can put it in their own farm world and then they dont need to run get more blocks