Maintenance again lol

Okay if rollback out of this maintinance everyone who responds here gets one of my items/worlds lol


MurkzPw donate to me im broke af

Nah fr tho? Rollback??? Hell naw

But I don’t want to respond

Well lucky i didnt play alot last 10 days

The only time I’ll return and actually be active is when I get rich for some reason


Bruh i hate maintanance

Now after this maintanance gimmi ur items :smiley:

Hey. :slight_smile: Hopefully there’s no rollback. I made a ton of progress today… lol

I made a separate post about losing my vip.

Plus i had a record 24hrs on ice creams, well for me .

Also spent hours farming platforms .

I managed to get my stone one to 601 seeds!

Hundreds of wooden ones too

Well thats why you shouldnt grind pixel worlds

I’m a little bit uninformed on what exactly a rollback is? Could you explain?

Time to go outside guys

The game.will go back in time and you will.lose.some progress

This mf is so obsessed with going outside lol

Or maybe nothing will happen like the last few maintenances

Yeah can you believe it, I said it once, I’m soooo obsessed

You said it a lot last long maintenance

We were all saying it. :rofl: