Maintenance update

Whyyyy i have 200k byte coins in the pwe

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Me too, more in fact , but I don’t think maintenance breaks effect the clock

if it uses the vip still imma be VERY anoyed cause I want my VIP e

does anyone know when will it end

It does, i lost an entire vip (apart from first go) last year when there was a long spell of maintenance breaks last yr…

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i had vip for 4 days :cry:

What about secretbase?

it will probibly runout to

Welcome to your first post … Err err :thinking: :joy:

Secret base time is lost.

As for losing 4 days ? Unlikely, sadly a day or two maybe …

Let’s hope it comes back for you before the day change … That’s 3am for me! :sleeping: :zzz:

I was about to send a fully levelled up pet, the return of the other was 20 mins into this maintenance! It’s a day to recover a level 10 pet … Aaaargh :rage:

Tnx this is not my first time posted here, I just lost my other account. I forgot my password. I play pw since May 2017. Until now