Make Giveaway Rooms Illegal

So for those who don’t know what a “Giveaway Room” world is, it’s basically a world with several locked rooms that the owner gives various players access to. The purpose of the room is for the player with access to create a small giveaway, which you can add traps to and stuff, and the prize is whatever the player with access drops. This of course is basically a more elaborate version of a drop game. I have seen world owners wait until someone drops something they want, and then bans them and steals the prize. I’m not saying all giveaway rooms are scams, and most of the time the owners let the giveaways happen until someone drops something they want. But realistically speaking these are just drop games, and technically violate the game’s rules.

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They aren’t dropgames, they’re convenient areas to give away items and have fun without the effort of making a whole new world. Yes, scams do happen with room giveaways but this is a rare occasion, either when the owner is too stupid to the point where he/she scams in front of 20 people, or when the room hosts drop 1pl (which is stupid, really).


I see where you are going with this, but they are really fun and beneficial. If a player drops an item that is expensive to them, that is their fault. They should know that once you start it, someone will take it. Even if it is the owner. As a fan of room giveaways, they shouldn’t be illegal. If you want to make a prize, either make it worth ± 100 bytes or 1-2wls. This all depends on how wealthy the player is.

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I highly disagree with this suggestion.

The primary intention of giveaway worlds is to provide easy access for people to hop in and giveaway their items since all participants are inside the same world. Labelling them all guilty of the act of several is highly unjust. This way of thinking is the same as portraying the feature of TRADE is evil since there are people who abuse this system. As well as the feature to CHAT is evil since all roots of evil in this game starts from CHAT. Therefore, we should ban chat. It doesn’t make sense.

Very rarely do I see anyone running drop games in giveaway rooms. By that, I mean, I think I’ve seen someone run a drop game in a giveaway room once. They’re pretty fun to hang out in, people just need to avoid dropping expensive items.

I don’t think that is what Gov meant…

These giveaways Are mostly for newbies.the most valuable Prize Ive seen worth max 5wls.i never visit these Rooms bcuz they giveaway trash.
I dont think Its illegal at all bcuz no one drops 1pl in these worlds.
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This is Familiar to Growtopia’s Hotel where you’d have to pay to the owner(bad) nor the owner gives free access(good). after getting accessed, the person getting accessed has the right to build anything in 1 room. either hosting a giveaway using traps or so.

I can assure its not illegal. as long as the owner/admins follows the rules.

It’s still something people can do using the rooms. I probably could’ve changed it up a bit, I’ll admit.

In my opinion there is nothing wrong with them. If the owner is giving the rooms for free and he hasn’t done something wrong then i see no problem with that. Giveaway rooms are good because the people who don’t have enough gems can easily do giveaways for no extra price. :v:t6: -Nerpah