Make Me Laugh For Free Byte Coins!

If you can make me laugh, I’ll give you 5k-50k bytes each depending on the quality of the joke, lol.

Discord call.

Send me your tag and I’ll add you.

Been a while since I uploaded!


Have a guess where I got this idea from and the first person who does, gets 10K bc…

Good luck!

Hello ytboyz ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

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Is that an inside-joke supposed to make me laugh? I’ll give you another chance but it would be better if you and I was in a voice call.


Look like no one has good jokes these days. :frowning_with_open_mouth:

How unfortunate! I’ve got like 6 players who are up for the challenge unless you want to join, it will be 7.

Then again, the game is dying so maybe the bytes aren’t worth it?

I might raise the stakes to 10k-100k…

(Maybe, depends on how many people want to join because I’m not rich.)


Two Pixel Worlds players walk into a bar…

Just kidding, PW players are under 18, don’t touch grass and don’t have friends.



You will need to tell me the jokes in voice call for easy bytecoins baby.

Two questions beforehand:

  1. Are you experiencing any sort of anxietal or depressive emotions?
  2. Do you like fart jokes?
  1. Not at the moment, lol.
  2. All sorts of jokes, yes :joy:.

I don’t do voice call

What are Thoooooooooose